Dennis Hopper – The Last Album


The Last Album

Where: The Royal Academy of Arts

Who: Dennis Hopper

When: 26th June – 25th August


During the summer I visited this exhibition by iconic director and actor Dennis Hopper. This exhibit contained more the 400 photographs taken by Hopper, all of which were discovered in 2010 after his death.

The photographs were all captured on his own film cameras and are all thought to be taken between the years 1961 – 1967. He captured the likes of Paul Newman and Robert Rauschenberg  as well as his responses to current political events at the time.


I knew very little about Hopper before I visited this gallery, I stumbled across the exhibition whilst in Savile Row London. What drew me in what the preview of his black and white images blown up outside the front of  the beautiful building.

I decided that the gallery looked very interesting from my first impression, I brought a ticket and went in to review the exhibition.


The exhibit was displayed in 3 connecting rooms, these rooms had images all the way around like a timeline of events. I took my time walking around taking in the different eras of Americana.

The images I saw took me through a timeline of the US throughout the 60s. Hippies, Hells Angels, Art culture, Harlem street life and Civil rights all played a huge part in this gallery.

The images also gave an insight to his relationship with artists such as Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg. As a viewer this was fascinating to see.


Hopper has a real talent for seeing an image with interesting view, he is a natural in the creative industry and this shines through in his images. I did some further internet research after visiting the exhibition and read reviews that magazines and newspapers wrote.

Reading these reviews they made some similar points to mine, explaining about the gallery being set out at eye level and as a timeline.

A review by telegraph explains that the gallery has  truthfulness to the images, that you could tell that this form of creativity was therapy for the actor. In-between making films he escaped using his laid-back lens and you can sense this though the photographs.

Overall this exhibition was a great visit, it gave me a great insight to American culture and the life of Dennis Hopper and what he witnessed in his time on earth. The exhibition inspired me to start using my film cameras and to make some images for myself.

Fantastic gallery, defiantly worth the visit.





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