Portrait Task




Summer Task

During the summer we were set a task to capture 2 portraits, one of someone who we knew well and one of someone who was a complete stranger.

We were asked to interact with both of these subjects, this is to teach us how to get close with someone when we are photographing them.

How I felt about this? 

My first initial feelings towards capturing someones portrait who I didn’t know was daunting, I didn’t know what or who I would be photographing. I feel that taking someones portrait is a very personal thing and what stranger would be willing to give this.

I thought about many ways to capture these portraits but I wanted to do something a little different other then taking 2 standard portraits.

Whilst on summer break I went on a travelling tour around Europe, I went by myself on this tour and mixed with complete strangers. The tour group became like one big family, everyone was looking out for each other and we were all sharing the same experience. I became close to certain people on tour, this gave me great inspiration for the portrait task.

One night on tour in Rome there was a party all of which everyone wore I love Rome shirts, at this party there was other European touring groups that we met up with.

I came home early from this party and sat chatting to my friend who I made the most amazing friendship with whilst away. As we were chatting people were walking past our widow of our room, this is where I quickly got the idea to take their portrait. As I was unprepared with camera equipment I used my iphone to take these images, I feel that this shows the instant imaging we can create nowadays with technology we all own.

I also think that using my iphone as a camera adds to what these images were about, I have seen projects before where photographers and artists have used their iphone or a instant camera to record what they are seeing. With this I feel that there is much truth in the images we are seeing as we know they haven’t been edited or manipulated.

It was interesting to see these peoples reactions to having their picture taken, as having a complete stranger ask for your photo can be unnerving.

However these people were willing to pose for me and seeing the outcome of the portraits I feel I captured that mood at camp that night.


IMG_8774 IMG_8775 IMG_8776


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