152MC – Final Images

Final Images and Thoughts 

IMG_6247 IMG_6250 IMG_6277 IMG_6290_2


 The audience who I have aimed this project at ranges through age groups, I have aimed my work for anybody who enjoys the fine art side of photography. This could be from a young age to somebody who is of an old age, it’s dependant on what the audience is like and what they enjoy in art work.

 Combining both references for my project, Irving Penn and Cyanotupe photographer Liz Nicol I have developed my audience by photographin in an alternative way, digital pin hole photography.  I hoped this would interest the younger side of my audience as a I feel that younger people don’t understand the origin of real photography. With my digital pin hole images I hope to inspire them in to trying the technique out for themselves as its a modern take on one of the original photography process in which henry fox talbot discovered and created.

 For the older side of my audience using this alternative process in a modern way I hope to help them learn about using new technology with the old. Having this combination of the both I feel have kept things current within my project.

Way of display

 I have chose to display my images on white card as I feel that the white contrasts with the blacks in my images.  I feel that the white will bring my pin hole images to stand out on the white card as my images contains a lot of black and the white would brighten this. I also thought that this will bring out the detail in some of the cigarette butts such as the ash around the ends and also the names and logos I captured on them.

 I have chose to mount my square images on to A3 card because I feel this will be captivating for my audience. I feel that thy will focus more on the image because it will be small in comparison to the mounting.  I played around with how I could set the images out in a gallery and below is my final decision. I feel that with this way of displaying my photography is a enjoyable way for the viewer as they get to see the images as a piece together. I like going to a gallery and being able to make sense of images and to know why they are displayed as such.

(In these images I was experimenting with different ways of display I hadn’t mounted them by this point as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use card, mount board or something else.which explains why they are not perfectly in line) 

photo 4 copy

photo 3 copyphoto 2 copy 2

My thoughts on final images 

 Below are my final images for this project I am pleased with my outcome I feel that I have used my researching to the best of my ability for this short assignment. Experimenting is key for me with projects such as these because it’s how I gather and think of ideas quickly. It gives me room to develop them and look further in to them which is how I like my projects to develop.

(These are the images as digital files in colour this is them before I inverted them and printed them on acetate)


I feel that having a combination of the both references I have used to achieve my final idea will help my aimed audience to understand my work.

I am happy with my process I used because I really enjoy pin hole photography but more so from adding the modern twist to it. I feel / hope that I will capture the attention of young and old with this technique as this is a big part to my concept and idea.

 The only problem I have with these images is the quality of them, as I printed the images on to acetate and exposed them that way it gathered dust specs and dirt which projected on to my prints. If I had more time I would have made sure the acetate was completely clean before exposing them to photo paper. I know for next time and I will be able to consider this problem when using this process next time.

What would I do to develop this idea? 

 If I had more time to develop this idea further I would record more journeys by collecting items I see along the way maybe not just cigarettes, I would think deeply about what journey I would collect things from. I would consider what journey I feel is the most important to me,  maybe a life journey.

 There is defiantly room to develop this idea further and I would like to do so in the future.



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