152 MC – Chosen Idea & Process

Chosen Idea & Process 
I have been researching and experimenting with the alternative processes we have to use in order to create the images for this assignment. A few or the processes that I have been looking have attracted me in to using them for my images, the processes that I am looking at are:
Pin hole photography 
Pin hole photography to me is an interesting way of capturing and image, it takes a lot of thinking a thought processing to take an images using a home made pin hole camera. I feel that having this special process behind it will make the images interesting and will add to the art of the photographs as in theory they will be displayed in an exhibition.
I have thought about creating a pin hole camera that is different to the normal kind of pin hole cameras you get (tin cans, shoe boxes).
Having previously looked at work from pin hole photographer, Justin Quinnell this has inspired me to create a new alternative way of using pin hole.
As I have researched further about pin hole photography I came across digital pin hole photography, I had never heard of this before and concept is foreign to me.
Digital pin hole photography is created by using your digital camera, creating a hole in your lens cap and exposing the light on the bulb setting to create an image. This to me is an innovative way of using pin hole cameras, it combines new technology with original ways of photographing.
I think that using digital pin hole photography to take my final images would be a great way of using an alternative process.
Whilst researching my chosen process I looked in to photograms as I find this process intriguing because of it’s history. When Henry Fox Talbot first created a photogram it was the beginning of photography and he created it by accident. This is find fascinating and is the reason I am attracted to using the photogram process for my images.
impressed_01.L 1842-tree_1456693i TALBOTAsparagusFoliage
In order to find out which process I think will be more suited to my idea I am going to try both styles of process and choose from my experiments and their outcome.
Whilst thinking about ideas for a photogram I came across the work of Liz Nicol, she’s an artist who using cyanotypes. The particular piece that interested me from her portfolio was ‘‘The rubber band project”, the concept and idea behind this is what got my attention.
The rubber band project is a collection of rubber bands she collected as child on her way to school. These photos are a great way or presenting human presence, what I like about this project is the truthfulness about it. She didn’t buy the items she genuinely found them on a journey she made daily.
Although Nicol uses cynotypes to make her prints I think I could adapt this idea and make a photogram with times I could gather to show human presence on a journey I make.
Experiments and Outcome 
Following up from my research on artist and photographer Liz Nicol I decided to collect items that I see on my journey in to University. I noticed on my walk I past many bins with ash trays, and and on the floor many fag buts.
In the style of Nicol I collected every fag butt I could find on my journey in to university, I gathered many fag butts and decided to make a photogram out of this.
photo 1 photo 2 IMG_5659
I placed all the fags on the photo paper and exposed around them, below is my outcome from this experiment:
Photogram Images 
With this idea I noticed that I had been inspired by Irving Penn from my early research on this project, he collected ends of cigarettes and photographed them.
I adapted this idea by carrying out another experiment, this was to use the cigarette ends I collected and photograph them using digital pin hole photography.
I was pleased with this outcome of these images and have decided to take it further and produce the images as final prints in the dark room. I will invert the images on photoshop and print them out on acetate then expose them on to photo paper.
photo 1
IMG_6290 IMG_6277 IMG_6247 IMG_6250
As I have developed this idea further I have decided not to experiment with my idea of lost child presence as  I feel these are two separate ideas that don’t relate to one another.
I also feel that as I have experimented well with the cigarette idea and it has developed and widened my skills and ideas. I am going to print the final images on to acetate and expose them on to photo paper on tuesday I will then think about how I would like to present this in an art exhibition.



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