152 MC – Refining My Ideas

 Refining My Ideas 

Now that I have researched many references and have experimented with different ideas I feel that I can move on to choosing the final idea for this assignment. I have narrowed it down to 3 ideas that I think have good potential.

I am looking in to what kind of audience I would like my photographs to be aimed at, and I am steering towards the fine art audience. I feel that the ideas I have developed have got a deeper meaning to them then just being a standard photograph.

My 3 Main Ideas:

These are some of my original ideas from my first mind map I created, I have expanded the ideas by looking in to them as individual titles. Working in this way helps me to see where my ideas could go and how I could improve on them. 

-Child Presence (Evidence of children playing, what evidence they have left behind of playing, how we know it’s a childs’ presence)

photo 3

-Rubbish (What we discard with out thinking, such as cigarettes/fag buts, things we find in the street such as bottles, evidence from the night before – whats left in the streets, (party goers evidence)

photo 4

-Resources humans have used (Evidence someone has sat somewhere such as a sofa or a bed, what evidence tells you there has been a presence there? Creases in the sheets, dip in the cushions, belongings left, lights.

photo 2

After completing this research I realised that I was interested in exploring the abandonment of child presence and also exploring the idea of things humans discard e.g Chewing gum and Cigarettes. To choose my idea I am going to experiment with both ideas using one of the processes we have learnt, I feel that this will give me good practice on using the process and also help me to clarify which idea I think will be best for my audience.


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