152 MC – Initial Ideas, Thoughts and Concepts

Initial Ideas, Thoughts and Concepts 

When I was given this title I was excited by the range of ideas that could be done for this project, I wanted to experiment with every idea I had.

I have wrote down my initial ideas and thoughts on a mind map so I can document and record my thought processes.

photo 1

The ideas that I’d like to explore more:

Evidence of child’s play

-Presence of their innocence

-What they have been doing / playing with

-Tree house




The presence of shadows 

-What do shadows say about us

-Environment a shadow is in what can we tell about this persons presence

-What can we tell about the person through this

Items humans use 



-Beds, sofas, chairs


What we leave behind


-What does this say about us

-What do we know about someone’s rubbish

-Can we judge


-Deserted houses

-Someone’s belongings

-What you can tell about them

-How and why

I feel that all of these ideas can be explored further and developed after looking at other photographers and artists work and also by trial and error.


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