152 MC – Human Presence

Human Presence 

As work for our 152MC module we have been assigned a task, the task requires us to investigate the subject and title human presence.

We are to come up with concepts and ideas about human presence, the images we produce are not have any humans in, but evidence that there has been a human and presence they have left.

The task is to be approached as if we are putting an exhibition together, this means I have to consider what audience I will be exhibiting to. I need to think about what they (audience) want to see and what they will understand from reading my photography.

With this assignment we have to use one of the processes we have been learning whilst in the work shops whilst at university. This could include one of the following; using pin hole cameras, cyanotype printing, photogram or salt printing.

This subject title inspires me hugely and ideas have been running through my head. I have decided to write the ideas down on a mind map and decided which ideas I should try out before coming to a final decision.

However I am still un decided on what kind of photography process I am going to use. When I decide what my concept is for my photographs is going to be, then I think I will look further into what I would like to do and what process I think relates best.

In order to decide and select my idea I propose to do some researching on photographers and artists who use human presence as a subject title for their work. This way I can understand what has been done before and also widen my knowledge within in this subject field.


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