Top 10 Images – Easter Work

1) Tim Walker



Tim Walker is a huge favourite of mine when it comes to fashion photography. Walker is a British fashion photographer who regularly shoots for magazines such as Vogue, LOVE magazine and W magazine.

I have chose to look at an image, which is lit up by glowing dresses hanging from a tree. This image caught my attention because of the light used, what I enjoy about the light is the fairy-tale glow it provides. The light in this image gives an ambience, which leads you to other thoughts.

I feel that the light in this photograph is exactly right for what Walker is trying to create. The tree in the image isn’t lit itself, but is lit by surrounding lights shining through the dresses. The light gives you a good insight to the surroundings around the tree and adds a magical effect.

 2) Victor Demarchelier

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.04.07

Victor Demarchelier is a New York fashion photographer who has grown up in the fashion industry. Demarchelier’s work has appeared in many issues of Vogue all across the world.

The images that I am interested in from his portfolio of work are the images above taken from a series of work he did for Vogue Japan’s December issue.

The lighting in these images to me is extreme; the light makes these images serious. I enjoy the way the light falls on the models face it’s incredibly contrasty and captivating.

This light adds a sense of mystery to the images, and this is what I like mostly about the lighting used to create these photographs.

3)  Atton Conrad

atton-conrad-light-dresses-3 thumbK_Atton_conrad_Light_painted_trail_dresses_125_magazine3 POSHREVIEWATON1

Atton Conrad is a London based advertising and art photographer. He learnt his skills from assisting fashion and advertising photographers for eight years. He developed his superior lighting & production skills in fashion and beauty turning professional photographer himself five years ago. He was published in many popular magazine but was noticed in 125 magazine where he light painted dresses on models.

This is his work that I am most interested in.

What captured my attention about these images was the futuristic look that the light painting portrays. I enjoy the vibrant colors that surround the models and the unlit back ground. Having the model well lit and the background unlit showcases a great contrast between the different lights this makes me look more deeply in to the images.

To me these images are inspirational, they are a different way of photographing fashion in a modern way. I haven’t seen something like this before until discovering Conrad, I am going to attempt Conrad’s technique when in the studio back at university.

4)  John Russo

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 10.54.00

These images are by American photographer John Russo, Russo has shot for many magazines and celebrities world wide.

These images captured my attention because of the shadows, which appear on the models face. This interesting use of natural light is what I think make these images unique.

I would like to re create these images as I love the use of the shadows, I would recreate these images in my own special way maybe using shapes of objects such as palm tree leaves.

5) Lisa Wood Shot 2014-04-27 at 12.24.36


Lisa Wood is an abstract realism photographer, she captures unexpected rural panoramas. She is influenced by the writing of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau and the paintings of Andrew Wyeth.

Woods’ work captured my attention from the surreal use of natural light. She edits her photos using the light that was present when she takes the shots.

I love the surrealism of these shots, normally fields and landscape shots aren’t so interesting to view but Wood’s images are beautiful to look at because of the light captured in them.

This is the image that I most interested in.

I enjoy the light in this image as it’s of a high contrast. The definition of the different lights in this photo is eye catching. Many different types of lights falls on to different parts on this image, providing the viewer with a lot to look at.

Wood’s work inspires me to take shots like this my self, I feel that manipulating the light on editing software such as Photoshop will help me to understand light similar to Wood’s style.

 6)  Tapan Sheth



Tapen Sheth is an Indian photographer who spent many months creating these images of water sculptures.

To create these sculptures Sheth added color dye to liquid
along with guar gum, food thickener and then set up his camera equipment to capture these sculptures.

What I like about these images is the fact that each image is different, the background is different, lighting and effect.

Without the light in these images I feel that they wouldn’t be as stunning and mesmerising as they are.

Light is key to these images and is what makes them special.



These photos caught my eye because of the eerie light captured; the photographer who took these beautiful images is unknown which adds to the art of these images.

What I enjoy about the light is the atmosphere it provides, there’s a sense of mystery behind the light, which is captivating for the viewer.

I think this light is mainly natural and also down to clever use of camera settings. This inspires me to take images with similar light usage and to play around with natural light provided.

One image that stands out to me is the photograph of the abandoned mall with a dusty sofa placed to the side of the image.

8) Steven Meisel


I chose this images because the high contrast lighting shining from above got my attention. This strong light shinning directly above from the models head is eye catching and is what makes this image different.

The shadows that fall around the models faces make the photographs’ lighting of a high contrast, which makes the viewer look deeper in to the image.

9) Richard J oliver


Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 12.55.24

Richard J Oliver is an artist who paints cartoon like people, he paints them in certain themes such as dreams, fairy-tale and other themes.

Light in his paintings are a huge part to his images, the light painted is of a high contrast. There is a darkness to Oliver’s image and having this contrast adds to the ambience of this.

The affect these paintings have on me is a little un nerving, they have a strange sense eeriness and I put this down to the light. However I find his work deeply interesting and enjoy the senses these painting bring.

10)  Will Cotton

Will_Cotton_-_Candy_Curls_(Melissa)_2 8-cotton-candy-painting-by-will-cotton cottoncandyclouds06zm Vivienne-Westwood–inspired-Will-Cotton-headpiece-original-available-at-viviennewestwood.com_














Will Cotton is a New York based painter, sculpture and artist. He is mainly famous for his imaginary scenes involving sweets, candy floss and gingerbread houses.  He has worked closely with the likes of Katy Perry producing the images for the music video of California girls.

He has been published and exhibited all over the globe.

The light in Cottons painting is dream like and imaginary, this is what makes the paintings unique for me. I enjoy his interpretation of what light he feels would be used in these scenes he paints.

I find his work peaceful and enjoyable to gaze at, I feel you could get lost in one of his images because of the soft lighting used.

The piece of work I enjoy most from Cotton is a painting named frosting flowers. I like the way the model is lit in this photograph, it draws attention to her eyes and you get lost within the painting. Having to back drop unlit this creates an atmosphere in the painting, it’s a very serious painting with the way it’s lit but with what the model is wearing (frosted flowers) it doesn’t seem serious.

This contrast of concept and lighting is what makes the painting eye catching. Having this deeper meaning to the image adds more thought  to the lighting.

I would like to create this image in my own style as I feel I could adapt the concept and use my own flare on the image.




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